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BTR Pest Control Bee Treated Right”

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BTR Pest Control

All About BTR Pest Control

BTR Pest Control (Bee Treated Right Pest Control) is an insured family-owned commercial and residential pest control company in the Metro Detroit Area. Our technicians have many years' experiences in the field, which allows us to provide thorough service to our clients. Our team is inspired to make lasting connections to build return clients. We provide services to Residential and Commercial properties with environmental precaution. We stand strong behind the industry standard of a 90-day guarantee, or we will come and re-treat your property.

In our daily routine, we put a lot of thought into every little thing we do, by making sure you’re getting high-quality and outstanding service. We aspire to provide you with the best professionals to ensure proper application, and transparently share our process every step of the way.

Part of our daily routine is ensuring that we protect some of nature's most vital species, Bees, Butterflies and Bats. We do this by following the EPA guidelines which helps us reduce the endangerment of the beautiful creatures. Along with using ecofriendly pesticides, we also provide our clients with a package of Wildflowers for planting with every service.

BTR Pest Control

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